I have a dream – poem video

Some days ago I wrote a poem, I have a dream. Now I came back with the same poem but alive.
This is what happens when a poem evolves into a video.

I have a dream.

This dreams is to never disappear.

I want to be infinite like the universe.

Ever growing like the leaves of a tree.

I want to be inmortal like that which isn’t alive.

That which never dies.

But instead of being inanimate,

I want to express all which is fully alive.

I want to be a lover of life,

Ever happy and adventurous.

I want to be here and there,

I want to be everywhere.

I want to disperse like gas,

and flow like water.

But what I don’t want to be is,

like solids…

So easy to break,

to destroy.

So delicate.

So transient.

I was not made to be delicate.

Probably made delicate to love,

for it is so beautiful that disrupting it,

would be so corrupting.

I was made to be intense,

different, passionate and immense.

That is why I want to be infinite,

For one life won’t fulfill my purpose.

So I have a dream,

and indeed I know that,

it is already fulfilling.

It is.

For when we live with great courage,

passion, love and meaning.

For when we live with no regrets, fears or barriers,

we become inmortal.

We become infinite.

We are infinite.

José Arvide

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