Probably yesterday I had one of my best life experiences, thanks god I came out alive. But that isn’t the point of this text. Its not about the extremely adventurous attitude I had yesterday, rather it is about, the shift I had 1 year ago which led me to realize that I am here thanks to it, and also to the constant development and enlightening I work on.

1 year ago I shifted my life. Made a life choice which switched all my gears and switches around. My perspective on life, experiencing, and what really matters totally changed into an universal, life enjoyer and more aware perspective. I realized that we fly on automatic mode and don´t appreciate and contemplate our surroundings. We forget to embrace the experiences and the real positivity which truly fulfill us. Since that moment when I realized that I thought I was living my life, but in reality I was filling my senses with unreal and ego centered feelings, all closing my doors into a truly intense and passionate life, I decided to shutdown airplane mode, open my eyes and start a marvelous play where I was the playwright and every new day was a new experience. Every day I would tell my self, “lets do something different, lets let go and adventure into the unknown and risk “. Every single day I would wake up aiming into a totally new beginning, were I could grow and learn from this beautiful life.

Believe me, risking is not only worth, but necessary to be happy. When we let go, contemplate and adventure our selves, we will discover a whole different life, one even more beautiful and meaningful. And don’t take risk as death, either way death will eventually come, and believe me, it will come when necessary. Go out, for god´s sake, go out, adventure, laugh, cry and love. Hug and thank for all that we can contemplate. Do something new, come up with wild ideas and make them happen.

So I shifted, 1 year ago, and probably one of the most productive and joyful year of my life, and even more exiting is, that there is more yet to come. How beautiful can life be? Infinitely!


José Arvide

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