Life is a miracle!

Life is so unexpected. Its a miracle! Just look at it, stop for a moment and stare at it from an omnipresent look. Life is an infinity of possibilities all coexisting in our present reality, where each and every possibility can be triggered and stimulated into an awesome experience! Infinite possible experiences. Isn’t it a miracle? Isn’t it simply beautiful? In fact it is. All the possible mess ups, success, laughters, tears, all the posible all! Life is a complex compound of all, but easy to breakdown. We find in the now, all which is possible in life, it just takes reshaping our mind into, not square, not circular, into a no shape figure. Something like water which takes the shape of whatever it encounters. Once we reshape our mind into an ever flowing, gratificating, happy and loving mind, then we just need to settle our mind into the infinite moment of now, the present.  Yeah, infinite. Have you ever heard about the present paradox?

As a bonus to make life an even more intense and awesome journey of infinite experiences, we should let go ego…

Present Paradox explained:

If there is no present, there is an infinite present, it is just our mind which wonders and lifts us out of what really matters.


José Arvide

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