Passion and intensity.

I am passionate, I love deeply, I express purely, I am real. And something that life has thought me is how love can change our whole perspective of life.

This note is particularly dedicated to one person, one girl, who thought me that love is the most intense and permuting thing in the universe. Yes the universe.
As I said, I am real. And being real does´t mean being tangible. Something real is something which is able to exist naturally and provoke feelings in the other beings, by its natural means, with out pressure. So what I mean is that I am real to love, I am real to happiness, I am real to sadness, I am real to nostalgia… I am real to all those feelings which express passion because I let those natural forces express in me naturally, triggered by life’s beautiful experiences.
I want all of you to be real, to be pure and let the uncontrollable energies of the universe come to your life. These energies will give you the sense of passion, of intensity. Once you discover passion and intensity life will flow in a light hearted motivating way.
Live passionate, enjoy intensely. Love and don´t fear opening to the unknown.

José Arvide

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