I Failed

I FAILED. I failed so bad, so easily and ridicously. I failed once yesterday, once today and I’m not even sure about tomorow. I failed against others who were so much better than me. My confidence and mental strength were not enough. I failed in something I thought I could. I failed ridiculously. Failed each and every time I tried. Each and every time I stood to do it again. I failed over and over again until I had failed enough that winning wasn’t even and existent word in my brain. But even though I failed. I stood up. I stood up every time I stumped. Every time I fell, lost and missed the chance. Every time I knew I had failed I stood and kept going. That doesn’t change the fact that I failed, but it does make a diference in me. I did not give up. I did not give in. I gave it all. I gave all I had and never gave up. Never. Courage was there. Passion was there, and now, there is a even greater reason to try agian. If I fail again, i’ll stand up again. And it wont be util I win, until I reach the highest point that I wont stop trying. I failed ridiculously, I failed proudly. I did not give up. And I am as good or even greater than those who won, only because I’ve failed so many times that my thirst for victory is as big as the amount of times I’ve stood up. I will be great. I am great.

José Arvide

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