Eternal youth.

Eternal youth, how funny does that sound. Indiana Jones´ like. Philosopher stone too. Peter Pan? Well eternal youth is just something we know we can’t achieve, at least physically; but when it comes to the point where more than physically you feel mentally old, then that you CAN control. Eternal youth will be always there for your disposition. Eternal youth can be within you since the day you are born up to the day you die tragically. Even though I don´t quite have criteria over this because Im just a bohemia 17-old teenager, I notice the aging effect. Its funny though because when people come by old photos and memories, they become all nostalgic and messed up. Its like if the past was more exiting than the now.  I haven´t either found why this happens yet. Indeed, it constantly happens to me. Sometimes I even come upon old songs which really make me want to cry. It is just ridiculously insane. I am 17, yet I become more nostalgic than my veteran old school grandpa. I feel that we are forgetting something in between things. We forget about impermanence. Time don’t worsen up things, it just changes to new experiences, and if we keep eternal youth in our heart we will enjoy every single moment. Remember impermanence, things never stay the same, they just evolve.

We have to be in the present. let me repeat this awesome cliche: we have to live in the present. Whether the past was better than the now. Crying over the years as they go on and not enjoying our finite eternal youth, will only cause problems. What problems? Well, the most common, which is referred with a term that I personally think it is over used: depression. How often do you hear about this BS? More than usual. Seems like we are prone to suffer depression from an infinite list of things. There are infinite things that make us stressed (another BS term used for everything, even constipation), depressed, angry, ashamed…. But we have a finite list of things that make us lovely, happy, awesome, grateful, smile, laugh… Where did we confused our lists?! We should be happy and grateful for so many more things than those which makes us mad, stressed and depressed. Lets look at eternal youth again. Look at children. Always happy, mad for 5 minutes, happy for the rest of the day. They are our example. Our how-to guide for eternal youth and living in the now. I know they don’t suffer the same stress I do, or my mom does, or you or Obama. But it is because we lost track of what is really important that it is hard for us to follow some simple child principles. Laugh a lot, love a lot, grow together as a whole and live today (not yesterday, the day before, or during next month’s vacations). We were babies once, lets not become a target of all these negative terms which if we don´t get ahead of them, we will end up like the stereotypical grumpy old man who never returns the lost ball to the little kids. We don’t want to be that old grumpy dude, we want to be the cute happy little baby.

Please people. I might be young. But I know that what I am talking about isn´t like all the crappy political propaganda you find worldwide. This is life skills; things that life reminds us of in a daily basis. Today it was my turn to talk about eternal youth and children, so I did, an so I expressed it. Eternal youth and all the things that come along with it which I already briefly discussed are real. Im sure there are example of people who live by fairly similar principles, and if there isn´t, well there is a gap for us to start living this eternal youth. Lets go out and play, love, smile, laugh, cry, enjoy, experience. Lets go out and enjoy our finite eternal youth. Finite because we die. Eternal because it is never ending in our hearts throughout all our life. It is our obligation for us pure and happy souls to go out and spread the positivity.

Remember; live in the present, love, laugh and share experiences.

José Arvide

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