Life is beautifully forgettable.

Life is beautifully forgettable.

When we experience so many beautiful things, such as summer loves, awesome voyages or simply happy laughter moments, we get to the point that in the future present moment we wont remember all of them. We just forget. We forget so many lovely moments we have experienced throughout life. But as everything, memories are gathered collectively. There are moments when somebody comes and reminds us from one specific memory, one of those beautiful memories we might off forgot. It is simply overwhelming when somebody brings back happy memories. It brings nostalgia, which travels through our whole body and shakes our eyes filling them with tears. Old trashed memories bring tremors to our brains and make nostalgia more than just a word.

So what I want you to do is to live this forgettable life. Love it to the point you only remember some of the insane things you’ve done. Experience, love, travel, fail, win, suffer, feel the pleasure. Do everything you are able to do in a life time, we are not here to waste time with machinery or technology. We are not here to do what we hate or be forced to do what damages us. We are here to live this beautiful forgettable life. We are here to practices a fine art. An art which can´t simply be thought at school. An art which is so gentle, so beautiful, but yet, so insanely chaotic. Insanely chaotic to the point where we love it. We love it after we experience the trip. We love it once we force our minds to remember all the voyage. We love it once we notice it isn’t forever, or, that it wasn’t forever.

The only thing you should ever regret is in fact, not living life with passion.


José Arvide

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