Life Reminders.

Usually I don’t post about my own life experiences. Usually I post poems from my own or just simple thoughts. Usually. But as everything there is a first time, and what I realized today is worth to put on paper.

You will need some background information from me to understand what I will talk about. That background information is simple, I love rock climbing. And lets not miss use the word love, it has a strong meaning. I don’t just only love it, but I love it. Understand?

So now that you know what my background information is, or at least what you need to know, I will be able to tell you what I realized.

It is hard to deduce that rock climbing is dangerous, at least for those who don´t rock climb. There is rock falling all the time, gear failing, or people failing. Usually failing ends up with death, and rock falling usually ends with death too, but not just always. Probably rock falling is the best way life can teach us that risk is everywhere, that life isn´t forever and to expect the unexpected. Cliche right? Rock falling might just sound to simple for you, lets put it on another way. Imagine a brick size stone, up to a whole building of rock failing onto you, or just close enough to crack up your nerves.

So as I was saying, death, even if it sounds extreme or negative, death is there, all the time. Just like death is present when you ride a car, or climb the stairs, or simply swim in the ocean. The thing is that we don´t see it. We don´t see death, and at times not even the risk of what we do. Did you know that falling from bed kills 450 people annually, just in the U.S.? I know it is bizarre, unexpected and unthoughtful. Like I said, sometimes we don’t see death, nor the risk. But that is a good thing, after all if we think about death every time we go to sleep or every time we go out for dinner we would all probably be weird hermits. Weird Hermits, that is intense.

Thinking about death is actually counterproductive If death would be present in our mind all time probably adrenaline would´t act as quick as it has too in a real death risk situation. And without adrenaline we are fucked, literally.

Now we know, death is present,  but just not to a whole conscious level, just like when Alex Honnold sends his free solos. Probably he is so much into adrenaline and living the pure infinite moment that the word death is there, but not just enough to disrupt his awesomeness.

So now, Ill go back to the idea of this unusual post. Expressing what I realized, which indeed is related to all the death thing we have been discussing. As we said, once more I´ll repeat, death is there but just not quite enough. Obviously this is totally worthless when we die, then death is very present. But sometimes life just does not kill us right away, and that is what I realized. I realized that in extreme sports like rock climbing, or any other, we enjoy life. We enjoy because we experience both being an inch away from death and a mile into pure happiness. There is something in our DNA that calls for the need of adrenaline, life in return gives us moments where we feel invincible, but also moments where life reminds us that death is an actual fact. Reminds us, thats the key. Those moments where we just don´t die, but see it so close that we get to brag about it with our friends the next day after almost dying. I realized that that is one of life labors, reminding us about death. Reminding us in those high risk moments that death exists. It can be by a sudden rock fall that missed our head by an inch, or by a big fall where we just didn’t quite die, or anything.

Life wants us to remind that we are mortals, that life begins just as it ends. Life wants us to remind that sometimes we are up, and sometimes we are down. And thats it. That is the whole point of living. Feeling the borders, reaching the summit, but experiencing the unexpected. Even though the part of the unexpected isn´t that attractive we need to remember that it is part of the trip. We can´t live and experience the limits with out pain, or in the other way, life reminding us about death. And above all it reminds us, but lets not forget it happens too. Death happens all the time, everywhere. Death is there and we who seek the limits need to realize that death is there. Risk, failing and the unexpected are there, all the time. Death and Living go together form the hand.

Life is gentle enough to show us where the limits are.  Life is like that, gentle. Life is beautiful and we need to live it to the limits, to our limits. It is a part of life we can´t miss, we just can´t miss that beautiful moment when tons of adrenaline enter our system.

As I said on the very beginning of this post, I never post about life experiences. I haven´t yet clearly stated what I experienced, which led me to realize about the existence of death but also happiness momentarily. In fact what I experienced was a rock fall. That simple. One only rock falling above me towards me, from about 15-20 meters up in the sky. One rock, that if I would of waited one second more to move away from it, I would not be posting right now.

One rock, which led my nervous system to react momentarily and made my body release a cocktail of adrenaline to save me. One rock, which in fact was just life reminding me about death. The same death we tend to avoid in those pure living moments.


José Arvide

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