Be Great

In fact speeches are used to convince or simply express our ideas, for us as humans, we always seek for acceptance. We might look for social acceptance, which I define rather like, not wanting to be different to the crowd. We grow together with society; naturally fearing our deepest potentials. Grades, exams, tests, they don´t mean anything. If we have straight ¨A¨, however we fear taking a risk in a real life situation were we know, more than we think, that it will possibly turn into something amazing, then there we find the problem.

What we fear in other words, is being great, outside from what society dictates being great means. And I don’t refer to being rich, or being famous, instead, chasing after our real desires; what motivates us to thrive and move. Above all, I want you to be yourself; consequently, when you are you, success will come by its own. Just because when somebody does what they are meant to be, they will liberate their whole potential. Take for instance, somebody who is a doctor but his parents did not let her continue with her passion, take for example, ballet, piano or tennis. Anybody who does not pursuit their dreams and passions, is committing spiritual suicide; and at the same time disrespecting life, life which is the one that gives us only one opportunity, up to what we know, to make something great, something fabulous.

So in conclusion, going back to my idea of being accepted I´ll be sincere with you, I´ll tell you something that comes from the deepest part of my heart, I don´t care if you don´t accept me, but I do care about you liberating your whole potential. So in fact this is a speech where I want to convince. I want to convince you to be great. Be great, be different. And once you find yourself thinking about what career to chose, or what to do in the future, wont matter. For in that moment when you find yourself, you will only be what you are; pure greatness.

Be great, Be different.


José Arvide

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