The Unstoppable Life Path

It will come. The day when you find your self coming back from home and walking through a straight path leading you northward and closing your way back. This path leading you to where you started, and now as an ending point where your parallax principles will be put in practice and for sure you will judge every decision you took in the past. Then a rhetoric question will intrigue you: What was this path? You will confuse your sight and goggle your mind with ideas, questioning the reason of the ending, the reason of the end being the entrance of the beginning.  But, what should be the real question? What is the final evaluation? By chance, was it worth it? Did your constant internal monologue fulfilled your dreams with its decisions? Many complain. It is said that we are manipulated, that we live our lives in such a way that our dreams are prohibited and as a final result; they become plain wishes. The ‘physical stimulus’ of every day accumulates and at the end of our path we encounter dozens of unfulfilled dreams, as I call them; Wishes.  But who is guilty here? Is someone actually guilty for this? Did someone really broke into our path, dissolved our dreams and made wishes pop from the particles of matter? I don’t think so. Each individual constructs each path. We all are the leaders of our own path, and there will be no mortal that can take these right from us. So when you find yourself at the end, at the very end of your path you won’t encounter the need of stopping and look backwards regretting anything you have done. The need of remembering and thinking about anything you did or did not do won’t be necessary.

José Arvide

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